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Due to the risk of the Coronavirus, the normal Sunday worship activities at the church have been suspended. You will be able to hear the message from Pastor Jim at 10:30 am on Sunday by remote broadcast via Facebook Live. A Facebook account is not required to get the broadcast!

Facebook users can view the broadcast by going to the Sedgefield Church Facebook page.

If you are not a Facebook user, CLICK HERE to view the remote broadcast. You will need to scroll down to find the "live" video.

Sermon Series: GOOD ANSWERS

Have you ever gotten a really lame answer to a really important question? You know, the kind of answer that makes you wonder if the other person even heard the question! It happens all the time…with customer service departments, with governmental agencies, and—yes—even with churches. Everybody knows what an American is…what a Canadian is…what a comedian is. But what is a Christian? There are lots of answers out there. Some have to do with “belief”. Others say it’s about “relationship” Still others claim it has something to do with “salvation”. Defining a “Christian” is hard, because it is rarely used and never defined in the Bible. And yet, Jesus—despite never having used the term—could not have been clearer in defining what a Christian is…or rather, what a Christian should be. His answer might just surprise you!

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WOW VBS Streaming JUNE 22-25

We couldn't meet together for our regular VBS this summer, so we partnered with churches around the world to bring VBS to you. Each day, there was a live video sharing a different bible story and awesome entertainment from professional singers, magicians, celebrities from around the world, and more!  After the live stream, we hosted a ZOOM session to GO DEEPER and have more fun together. WOW did we have fun. Thank you Ms. Mary Jo for making sure we had VBS this year!


Every Sunday, we want to encourage our children to explore faith, encounter Jesus, and enjoy church.


We are passionate about playing our part in the transformation of society, and we are excited about impacting the lives of those in need.


We want you to feel comfortable at Sedgefield Church.  We look forward to meeting you at 10:30 on Sunday morning.