Sedgefield Church is again working with Charlotte Church Partners to build a new construction Habitat Home beginning this Fall. Visit the GROUP PAGE and enter the group number 1686 to register as a volunteer. Friday, September 23 our church is the lead church which means Bud and Betty's BBQ. That would be a great day to volunteer. But if you are not available that day, check out the schedule for a day that works for you.


JOHN THE BAPTIST AND THE ELEPHANTS - Matthew 3:1-12 - December 4
Please join us at 10:30 am on Sunday morning In-Person or on YouTube, or hear sermons later on our website.
I realize with a title like that you may have some questions, especially considering that you haven’t heard about elephants in the John the Baptist story previously. That’s because there are no elephants in the John story.
The sermon title is referring to the expression “The Elephant in the Room,” which means the uncomfortable truths everyone knows about but nobody is willing to mention out loud. John the Baptist was calling out the sins of the religious leaders of his day. He was exposing and talking about the “elephants in the room." What would John see in your life? What would he accuse you of doing or not doing? We will prepare for Jesus’s coming by allowing John to confront us.
Blessings,  Pastor Tom
Would you like to read the Bible but you don't know where to start? Do you like reading the Bible but often have questions? Would you like to know more about the origins of the Bible? Would you like to have a small group experience with other people from Sedgefield Church? This  TWO session Introduction to the Bible is for you! You can participate in person at the church during the day or via zoom in the evening. If you are new to the Bible or have read it many times, you will find this an interesting study. Contact Pastor Tom to reserve a spot.
Session 1: November 15, 11am in the Fellowship Hall or November 16, 7pm via ZOOM
Session 2: December 6, 11am in the Fellowship Hall or December 7, 7pm via ZOOM




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