Sedgefield Church is again working with Charlotte Church Partners to build a new construction Habitat Home beginning this Fall. Visit the GROUP PAGE and enter the group number 1686 to register as a volunteer. Friday, September 23 our church is the lead church which means Bud and Betty's BBQ. That would be a great day to volunteer. But if you are not available that day, check out the schedule for a day that works for you.


UNASHAMED -  2 Timothy 1:3-14 - October 2
Please join us at 10:30 am on Sunday morning In-Person or on YouTube, or hear sermons later on our website. We will be serving communion this Sunday. As part of our service to God, we encourage you to bring donations for Loaves and Fishes and place them in the provided baskets as you approach the altar.
Shame - it’s not a particularly nice word. We don’t hear it a lot these days. People don’t often go around saying “You should be ashamed of yourself!” Still, we know what it means to BE ashamed even if nobody is saying that phrase to us.
The Apostle Paul told Timothy “Do not be ashamed, then, of the testimony about our Lord…” We know some things we SHOULD be ashamed of, and usually, "the testimony about our Lord” would never be something shameful. That wasn’t true back in the world of Timothy and Paul. They were shamed for being Christians. They were teased and insulted and arrested and imprisoned for testifying about Jesus. This was something Paul handled with confidence and courage, but Timothy, who was young and inexperienced in being a church leader, probably struggled in dealing with this harsh treatment. Most of us would struggle, too, if people treated us that way.
In our lives, although we may not be ridiculed for our faith, we may face more subtle challenges. Paul’s words of encouragement and support can help us stay strong.
Blessings,  Pastor Tom
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Every Sunday, we want to encourage our children to explore faith, encounter Jesus, and enjoy church.


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