Sermon Series Jan. 6-Feb. 24

When, where, and how did your faith journey begin? Did it begin as a child with church and Sunday School? Or did you develop your own thoughts about God and Jesus, picking and choosing among ideas from parents, college professors, trusted friends, books, podcasts, and the like? Regardless of what you believe, your faith started sometime, somewhere, somehow, and perhaps even through someone. 

Then, life happens. And suddenly, what worked well as a child may not work as well when we face the rigors and realities of adult life.
• A God who’s supposed to be good and loving allowed tragedy in my life.
• A God who’s supposed to answer prayer didn’t answer my prayer.
• A God who’s supposed to be present seemed far away, just when I needed him the most.
So what do we do?

I know—let’s REWIND!
What do Christians believe and why? How can we be sure that Jesus is who he says he is? Do I have to believe just because “the Bible says so”, or is there something even better?

Come and let’s rebuild our faith together. Come—let’s REWIND!