St. Paul Methodist Church was established in 1948 with an organizational meeting held in Thomas Perkins’ home at 1035 Sedgefield Road. 58 members where on the roll. Eventually there would be 125 charter members.

December 1948, the first Cottage Prayer Service was held in the home of A.B. Kunkle at 1069 Sedgefield Road with 17 present. These services continued in homes until the sanctuary was completed.

February, 1949, the first parsonage was at 701 Poindexter Drive purchased for $12,500.

In March, 1951, an army building was purchased for $3,000 from Morris Field Army Base in Charlotte and moved to the rear of the first sanctuary building for Church School space.

June, 1957, the second and present sanctuary building was completed.

June, 1958, the second parsonage was located at 537 Reynolds Drive. The church no longer has a parsonage.

October, 1961, the new and present Educational Building was completed.

April, 1968, St. Paul Methodist Church became St. Paul United Methodist Church.

April, 2013, St. Paul United Methodist Church became Sedgefield United Methodist Church in order to identify closely with the surrounding neighborhood and allow a higher profile on social media.